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CHOOSING CONSCIOUSLY: The Art of Mindful Decision-Making

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Hi there, it's Aly Garrett here and I'm feeling like a bit of share and care time is due, so here 'tis. In my daily work (and life), I follow 5 'C' principles. For those who remember the catchy slogan for CC chips – 'Can't Say No!' – well, I'm taking that slogan and running with it! So let's start with the star of the show 'Conscious Choices.'

Here's a fun fact: we make a whopping 35,000 choices every single day! From selecting the perfect morning brew to daydreaming about world domination (who knows, maybe someday, right?), our lives are a never-ending choose-your-own-adventure story!

With so many choices buzzing around, you might stumble upon the sneaky villain known as "Decision Fatigue." It's the idea that after making countless choices, your decision-making superpowers start to sputter. The more choices you face, the more your decision engine sputters and stumbles. Anyone else feeling the fatigue? 🙋‍♀️

But fear not! That's where the magic unfolds. I'm all about transforming choices into habits. By converting everyday decisions into habits (like my daily dose of exercise – it's not a choice, it's a habit, voilà!), you create extra room for the choices that truly matter. Just ask Zuckerberg or the Apple aficionado, who swear by wearing the same outfits every day – fewer choices on their plate, more room for the big decisions! Simples, right? 😎

So, for the choices that are left I use the following nifty steps, sprinkled with a dash of decision-making wisdom to ensure they are conscious and pack a punch:

🎯Set your sights on your goal – like a hawk eyeing its prey. 

📚Gather information to weigh your options – knowledge is power, after all. 

🔮Ponder the consequences – it's like peeking into the crystal ball of decision-making. 

🎪Balance risk and reward, just like a tightrope walker, minus the tightrope, of course! 

❤️Align your choices with your values, because even choices need a moral compass!

🧠Tune in to your head, your heart, and that trusty ol' gut (PS. this one has been a gamechanger for me)

🚗Show those negative influencers the exit – no hitchhikers on this decision-making highway! 

🦅Seal the deal – make your decision and let it soar like a majestic eagle. Commit and be consistent (but that's another blog for another day)

🔍Reflect on your decision – the crystal ball gets a check-up, so you can fine-tune your future choices. 

Avoiding, deflecting, or assuming an outcome? Not in the Conscious Choices Club! And when life's choices get tangled, remember – it's absolutely OK to seek support. After all, life's choices can be as perplexing as IKEA furniture instructions, and who wants to spend their day figuring those out? 😄

So, let's choose wisely, reduce the fatigue, and embrace conscious living. Your adventure book is wide open, waiting for your unique story to be written! 💫

Stay tuned for more insights into my Can't Say No to CC's principles coming soon! and if you'd like to connect, feel free to subscribe to 'The Loop' to get more golden nuggets like these.

Disclaimer: The information provided is general in nature and does not take into account your personal situation. You should consider whether the information is appropriate to your needs, and where appropriate, seek professional advice 


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