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All In The Loop | November Edition 2023

Oh, November, you're next on our newsletter's radar! Our monthly missive is ready to deliver a "Nirvana" of noteworthy news, so without further ado, let's navigate this "N-teresting" November journey together:

🔆important dates to look out for

🔆blog 'Paying a bonus to employees - here's how'

🔆Xero Education month

🔆Corporate cup update

🔆Creative Accounting is the flavour of this month

So keep an eye out on the socials for more.

Want to get your hands on our monthly 'All In The Loop' newsletter? You're in the right spot! Simply click below to nab the "N-ecessity" of staying informed. Plus, why not sign up for our December "All In The Loop" too! Have an "N-joyable" November!

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