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All In The Loop | June Edition 2022

Jumping Junipers June has arrived together with this months newsletter where we list out important dates to look out for, Lee shares her new blog 'You're building houses, but are you building profits' which is quite timely, we start to look to the end of financial year and what you need to do BEFORE 30 June ticks over and the party poppers get popped by us accountants, we say goodbye to Lethal Lee for a few months whilst she grows her little fambam (and ours) and we look to what changes you will need to look out for from 1 July.

Want to get your hands on our monthly 'All In The Loop' newsletter? well you have come to the right place, just click on the link below for all the delicious details and why not sign up to receive our July "All In The Loop" too!

We hope you enjoy. Calc-u-later!

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